A Rosé-tasting amusement park in heart of NYC needs a new website that's mobile-friendly, easy-to-use, and brings up conversions. 


UI/UX Design 

Web Design



01  /  THE BRIEF

"What is Rosé Mansion?" Many ask this question and one of the primary goals of the new site is to answer this in a quick and effective way, so that site hits can start producing more conversions.

Tyler Balliet, the founder of Rosé Mansion, passionately described the experience as the solution to those bar hangouts where you just awkwardly look at your friend without making much conversation. But to communicate this through the site was this project's main challenge. Most users are funneled into the site usually from Instagram, but once they get there, they still get answer the question: "What is Rosé Mansion?" They're able to get the site hits but not the conversions. We sought to solve this problem. After doing an in-depth discovery meeting with the client where we hashed out personas, their brand, their primary audience, their business goals, and the sitemap (we use Huemor's website redesign guide found here), our team decided on 3 distinct goals that the site should aim for:

  1. Help people explain what this place is and make it easy for the "planners" of the friend group to get all his/her friends in on it and sign up.
  2. The website doesn't really convince its visitors that Rosé Mansion will be a great experience so people don't end up signing up. 
  3. Rosé Mansion needs to give people a reason to come back multiple times, especially on the weeknights. Through the website, they can really try to market unique events are happening every week, options for private events, package deals for group tickets.


Since most of Rosé Mansion's site users were using mobile, mobile wireframes took a much higher priority than desktop. We started with moodboards and they gravitated towards the 3rd moodboard below.

In my exploration of moodboards, I had to step away from this mindset that websites have to be minimalist and full of white space. Rose Mansion's brand is loud, exciting, and energetic. Our treatment of typography, photography, graphic elements, and buttons had to fall in line with these attributes. 



Rosé Mansion's new site is a dynamic, energetic experience, not dissimilar to that of a circus. 

We want to give those looking for a getaway in the city to get a trailer preview of the theme park. As with every good trailer, we need to show enough to get them interested, but still leave them hungry for more. 



Just as vibrant and colorful as the experience of walking through the Rosé Mansion was, we thought the website experience should be no different. The site doesn't linger on one color for too long but gives the user a taste of the liveliness and extravagance they will experience on the tour. 


The social slider is especially important for building credibility and even create in the user some good, old-fashioned FOMO (fear of missing out), showcasing just how popular Rosé Mansion is. 


An accordion is perfect for allowing the user to see a bird's eye view of all the special packages that Rosé Mansion offers without overwhelming the user with too much information. This was especially important to our client because they wanted to push for package deals that would potentially to a big pool of people. 

04  /  RESULTS


Increase in overall conversion rates.


Increase in top-line revenue.


Increase in Average Order Value.

All this talk about conversions makes me want some Rosé.