Proud but never satisfied.
Skilled but always learning. 

I strongly believe that everyone is creative. I once thought only a select few were born with such a superpower, but after long hours of hard work, I've learned that cannot be further from the truth. Most importantly, I learned how to learn, how to break down a skill and how to tackle it in bite-sized chunks.

Concept Art

Concept art was one of the disciplines that I explored for a long period of time and intend to continue exploring. One of the biggest factors that drew me to learning concept art was the entertainment industry. Growing up, two things that have stolen a ton of time away from productive work are movies and video games. Naturally, I saw this as an opportunity to mix business with pleasure and challenge myself to learn a discipline I might actually enjoy. Even so, throughout the journey, one question haunted my mind: "I didn't grow up drawing. Can I really learn to draw?" 

Now looking back, one of my biggest takeaways is not the ability to draw, but the realization that I can learn anything I put my mind to. Channeling my inner Gusteau, I can confidently say, "Anyone can draw!" Below is some of the work I produced during this time. I procured mentorships and guidance from Anthony Jones, Adam Duff, Ryan Yee, Marco Bucci, and Tyler Edlin.


3D Art

That faithful day I visited Ash Thorp's site and also discovered Beeple, I knew I had to learn more about motion design and 3D. The ability to create photorealistic, yet surrealistic environments only with a computer really intrigued me and made me excited that I had so much power just at the push of a button. Obviously, I learned the world is 3D is vastly more complicated than that and highly technical, so I jumped into Cinema4D and decided to keep pushing out as many renders as I could. 

I knew that as a beginner, I couldn't tackle everything at once, so I balanced myself in terms of aiming for images that were more technically polished, or images that were more compositionally and visually pleasing, or images with an interesting concept or storytelling. 

Print & Illustration

Graphic Design has always been my passion since I joined Yearbook in high school. I was so intrigued by how someone could manipulate type and shapes to create a composition that evoked both a sense of chaos, yet order. Below are some of the pieces that I've produced throughout many years of pursuing graphic design as a side hustle. 

I've gone through various tutorials and books to focus on these two aspects: the technical and the conceptual. A YouTube channel that has largely shaped my work ethic and design philosophy is The Futur and I attribute to them much of my drive and growth.